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Re-Fuse Waste


Thank you for participating in Re-Fuse; our innovative approach to tackling e-waste with a focus on small electrical devices. As you know, our workshops highlight the importance of reduce, repair, and re-use and now we are asking you to keep up the good work by participating in Waste Week...scroll down for facts, resources, lesson plans and solutions.

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The average person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste each year; 7 times their body weight!

Boo to Batteries 

Only 27% of batteries are recycled in the UK; we throw away 600m batteries in the UK each year


Known as WEEE (waste electricals & electronics) this is the fastest growing waste stream in the world!


More than 15 million ‘single use’ plastic bottles are used and binned per day in the UK!


Have you ever wondered what happens to clothes when we don’t want them anymore? Come on a virtual fieldtrip to a textile recycling plant for some recycling revelations!


This lesson, Clair City: Pollution Solution, encourages pupils to become air pollution experts. To complete their mission, they will use their newly acquired knowledge and persuasive writing skills to make a real difference.


Do you want to get your pupils interested in reuse and recycling? Then look no further than this junk modelling lesson. Children will be challenged to create unique ‘junk sculptures’ according to a specific design brief.

Food Facts

The average UK household throws away 20% of all food purchased.

Electrical Waste 

At least 25% of our WEEE waste could be repaired and re-used with your help.

A UK school..

produces a minimum of 1 tonne of waste per term costing


Dumped Plastic

One rubbish truck-worth of plastic is dumped into the sea every



Help Shaun the Sheep build a more sustainable city. Shaun has come up with a clever plan to turn junk into cash and expand the city; it's time for a Clothes Drive!


This short guide provides a helpful starting point to bring sustainable fashion into the curriculum and encourage members of the whole school community to engage with the issue in their daily lives.


Bring your Design and Technology lessons to life by challenging your class to plan their own sustainable city. This first lesson in the series introduces the project and is one of our most popular lessons!

Where and what to recycle?
Get help and ideas below...


4th - 10th



Share your Re-Fuse Waste work with us:

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